Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I Got Made.

I am trembling with excitement! I made the first sale to a store in my neighborhood.

One day a flyer showed up in my mailbox, so I decided to check it out. It was on Sunday afternoon. The store is more like a homey grocery store, selling gourmet sandwiches, bread, array of cold drinks, chips, snacks & other necessary munchy items.

I saw croissants, few variety of muffins in the glass showcase and cookies on the counter. Not a huge selection. So I gathered my courage and introduced myself: "Hi, I'm a baker, would you like me to bake something for you?" The guy tending the shop said "Sure! I'll talk to the owner." And added they're in the middle of putting more tables & chairs in the back. I gave my e-mail address and went home...elated. Next day I talked to the owner. I promised a few samples by the end of the week.

Now, what to bake? Big question. I called my dear friends for some ideas - apple pie? But a whole cake or pie is not suitable. I thought the 'portability' was the key, because the shop is not really set up for plates & silverware. How about cookies? Well, the guy also told me that the owner's girlfriend bakes the cookies - so that's out of question. Then I looked back what was everyone's favorite during the holiday season. Finally I picked four items: Chocolate Cake, Apple-Cranberry Cake, Brownies and mini Pecan tarts.

I started the weekly delivery 4 weeks ago. It's not money; it's great for my spirit.

Oh, and my friend Max promptly drew me this 'Baker' seal of approval. (Look very closely; you can read his signature on the bottom.)

Ku Cake