Sunday, October 18, 2009

Unlikely Combination

I had craving for a curry the other day. Rummaging the fridge, I found: one piece of chicken thigh, eggs, bits of vegetable and beets. Hmmm...beets...

This root vegetable is another one that I don't have a history growing up together, so I am eager to get acquainted whenever there's a chance. But what makes beets so uniquely challenging is its sweetness because the distinctive flavor limits the cooking options to salad or one of the side dishes of Thanksgiving dinner (which a lot of people apparently complain... "Beets, bleah!")

Normally would I serve the roasted beets sliced, dressed in red wine vinegar and sea salt, sometimes sprinkle feta cheese on top. But I already determined I wanted curry that day. So, yeah, it probably sounds rather strange but I made curry with beets.

I sautéd minced onion, diced green pepper and corn. Added chicken broth and, my 'secret' ingredient, Japanese curry paste. When it cooked down chopped roasted beets went in. Adjust the spiciness (more curry powder!) and let it sit to marinate all the flavors together. In a meantime, I boned, butterflied, dredged in flower and pan sautéd the chicken thigh. One measly thigh is not enough protein, so I also cooked egg sunny side up - not only it adds to nutrition, it also brightens the whole dish.

Well, because I love beets, the result was yummy & satisfying lunch. But I don't think this is for everyone. Don't try this at home if you are fainthearted.

Ku Cake

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bye Summer! Hi, Autumn!

Last week at the Union Square Greenmarket I took this snapshot: Two shades of green sitting next to deep orange. Totally symbolizing the change of season.

From now on, the color scheme of the market is definitely turning earthy...subdued...solid. I find the subtle differences in yellows, oranges and browns quite beautiful. They're my kind of colors!

Ku Cake

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Busy Busy Bee

At the Union Square Greenmaket, I wasn't the only one lured by the sweet, irresistible aroma of concord grapes! There were many honey bees also keeping busy. Maybe the aroma is too intoxicating because they were the mellowest bunch of bees. I was able to pick my grapes without worrying about an unfortunate encounter.

So, me and the bees, perfectly content and happily sharing the fruit of autumn.

Ku Cake