Sunday, May 16, 2010

Getting There...

The month of May is, perhaps, the most crucial. Because this is when the decision is made: what to plant this year.

Right now it looks like this. The perennials are almost reaching their full size: you can see two kinds of hosta plants in front. Farther back, you can see the long, narrow leaves of, what I think are related to, day lilies. Their leaves grow so fast in early spring (seriously a few inches in a day!) till June, by when they become all yellow, brown and eventually dry up. Suddenly in early- to mid- August, bunch of stalks shoot from the ground, almost overnight. And only for a few days the delicate pale pink flowers blossom. There are three kinds of evergreens in this tiny yard too. They provide the partial shade that is much needed in this otherwise totally sunny yard. Some of the weeds - peppermint, lemon balm, aster and green/red shiso - are allowed to stay, though in 'designated' areas.

This year's big addition is the compost bin. It is really exciting that all the vegetable scraps that used to go to waste can be recycled! Also a big change in planting location this year: normally occupied by the tomatoes (and eventually overtaken by evil, evil weeds), I'm experimenting the front area to be flower- and herb- centric. You see; the plantable area is not that big because there are many perennials already staking the room. On top of it there is a chunk of concrete foundation buried in the middle. So when I found a discarded metal trash can on the street the other day (yes, I am a proud dumpster diver!), I got an idea to use it as a raised planter that can also cover the foundation. Right now it still looks like a trash can half sticking out of the yard (=ugly!) but, I'm hoping, in a few months, the creeping rosemary and orange mint will nicely trail down the side. The cleome flowers, supposed to grow tall, are all around it.

Well, it was utterly satisfying planning, clearing, buying and planting for the past few weekends. But the 'instant gratification' moment is over. Now you have to be patient. I will post another picture in a few weeks to see the progress...

Ku Cake

Sunday, May 9, 2010