Sunday, July 18, 2010

Foraging the Yard

There are a lot of weeds growing in the yard. Most of them are systematically pulled before they get out of hands. However, there are few weeds that I intentionally leave alone because they are edible.

On the right: Dandelions, hated by many homeowners with meticulous front lawn. On the left: Purslane, unfamiliar and indifferent until I learned they are edible and good source of Omega-3.

The salad of purslane and tomatoes is very simple. All you have to do is make a dressing (a clove of garlic & small chili pepper minced, olive oil, vinegar, salt & pepper), chop the parslane and tomatoes, and mix them in the bowl. It was delicious, albeit pungent! I waited until most of the co-workers have left the building to start the meal.

Ku Cake

Gratuitous Kitten Pix

The Backyard Kitten is growing up fast! Somewhat feeling responsible, I am putting out the food twice a day. I think they know they hit the jackpot! For the feral cats not have to worry about food and shelter must relieve a huge percentage of their daily struggle.

Protective mother still approaches with hissing and caution. The baby is imitating the cute hiss, but then comes running toward the food bowl. So much for the lesson in caution...

So I'm calling the mother Nom Nom and the kitten Jumpy, for now. I don't think they know nor don't really care, though.

Ku Cake

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hot Weather, Cold Noodles

Oh my, it's too hot to even stand in the kitchen!

Every morning I prepare all the food for the day. For breakfast I pack either cereal or oatmeal, for lunch I make a sandwich with whatever the protein I have in the fridge, and cook a supper. Well, in 100+ degrees temperature, no one wants to turn on the gas. And if you absolutely must use the stove, let's minimize it.

So I turn to this cold noodle dish "hiyashi-chuka", the dish that personifies Summer. It's basically a cold noodle salad. You cook the noodle and just add any toppings you like. Drizzle the tangy sesame oil dressing and voila! I like it because I can use just one pot to make the whole thing.

Yes, a true life saver when the heat is on.

Ku Cake