Sunday, April 12, 2009

Doing My Part

You know this cardboard 'wraparound' thingy so that you don't burn yourself when carrying the hot coffee, right? Time to time I buy coffee when I go outside for a quick walk around the block, and this thingy started piling up in the drawer. So I thought: "hey let's reuse" and put one in my bag.

The other afternoon I went for a walk; it was Friday, it was not raining, and I needed to get a whiff of outside air. Yes, the kind of situation screaming for "Coffee!". I got on the line, asked for my small coffee, and handed the thingy to the server. I think I startled him. The server was a little taken aback, and then, started chuckling as he realized what I just did. "Is it funny?" "No, noooo!" "I guess I'm the first one to do this?" "Yes, you ARE the first!" It must have been so amusing - or inspiring - he gave me a 10% discount on the spot.

Ha, now I feel even better for doing my tiny part. Hey, every little step counts, right?

Ku Cake