Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowed In

The first major snow storm just hit the New York area yesterday. It started out as flurries in the late morning, just like the weather report predicted. It stopped awhile so I didn't pay much attention until later... Then at around 6pm I looked outside the window, and wow! It was really SNOWING; not just snowing but it was downright blizzard. And it continued to snow through the night.

It's cold, I'm snowed in, what do I do? Cook slow food, of course! I was in the mood for coq au vin AND the pot roast. I need the dish that lasts for a long time once cooked, because I'm expecting another round of baking for Christmas. You gotta eat!

First, the chicken: Organic, no-hormone chicken legs and drumsticks go into the 12" frying pan. Brown both side. Add plenty of salt & pepper, and dried oregano & thyme harvested from the yard. Throw onions that's cut in big pieces, and half a head of garlic. Then pour some white wine. Reduce the heat and cook for one hour with lid on.

The pot roast is equally simple. First, add salt & pepper to the meat which is about 3 lbs. Then I browned all sides of the beef. In a meantime cut onions and the rest of the garlic. I also wanted to finish off cabbage in the fridge, so cut that, too. When the meat is browned, add those to the pot. Add water about half an inch high and simmer it for 2 hours, rotating beef a couple of times. Then add carrots to the pan, too. I am going to slice the beef and save a lot for the later. It will make a nice sandwich, great addition to the ramen noodle, stewed in sweet-soy sauce with more vegetables - the use of it will be endless. The vegetable & soup is stored separately in the freezer for another snowy days...

As always, my walkway to the street, about 30 feet long, collected the 12" deep snow drifted from the schoolyard next door. Oh man, I have to dig myself out tomorrow morning.

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