Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Trusty Tote Bags

Long before using a cloth bag for shopping became trendy and even fashionable ("I'm Not A Plastic Bag" bag, anyone?), my heavy-duty tote bags accompanied me everywhere.

It's partially because I dislike plastic bags. But mainly, it fortified when I started the thrice-weekly pilgrimage to the Greenmarket. You'd need a big tote bag, backpack, or a roller to schlep 5 lbs. of shelling peas, 3 lbs. of zucchinis, 3 lbs. of peaches and 6 ears of corn in one trip! Thank goodness my bosses were so tolerant. I used to haul all sorts of food, some even strange, to the office. Surely my co-workers were amused (or frightened) when they saw a whole fish chilling inside the fridge. Well, I was just giddily happy to fill my bags with good food. I particularly loved transporting a bunch of garlic with scapes intact: their long leaves trailing behind me, as if a samurai warrior proudly carries his clan flag on his back.

I've been taking advantage of the Whole Foods stores; they offer a small discount for bringing your own bag. Recently I read that they will phase out plastic bags by April this year. I think this is definitely a move to the right direction. If we are serious about reducing the plastic bags piling up at home, make it harder to get one. Or even go further: charge a small amount for a plastic bag at the counter. That'll make everyone think twice about asking for it.

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charlene mcbride said...

When you run out of plastic bags, how will you dispose of the cat litter?

It's funny, the Whole Foods here has not had plastic bags since Christmas. I didn't even realize they were really getting rid of them 'til I read about it somewhere recently.