Saturday, March 28, 2009

Blue Moon Fish

Spring has officially arrived on 3/20. Then we got bone-chilling frigid weather in NY, which is stubbornly lingering. But there is one event that really marks the arrival of spring every year. It is when my favorite fishmonger, Blue Moon Fish, comes back to the Greenmarket. ( )

Before Blue Moon Fish, my supply of fish mostly came from Chinatown and UWS übermarket Fairway. (Whole Foods and Citarella are the last resort.) Chinatown is a good place for bulk purchase; a sure destination when shrimp boil or jellyfish salad is 0n the menu. Fairway is also good because it offers relatively inexpensive fish chunks or tail end of salmon; you can make no less decent meal than buying 'prime' parts.

Well, then came Blue Moon Fish. First I was hesitant. Maybe I was a little intimidated. Then I tried once, twice, a little by little I went back and again, realizing the fish in season is a delicious thing and worth every penny. Right now I'm enjoying the scallops, mackerel fillet and cod. I usually cook them simple; saute with vegetables with minimum seasoning. You don't really need salt because they already come with the wonderful taste of sea. The mackerels are fresh enough to make "shime-saba (vinegar-cured mackerel)" when I feel like indulging myself.

A peculiar thing happened since I acquired the taste of really fresh fish: I could smell and taste of chloride in the fish I buy from supermarket. Is it because they clean it with tap water? So now I buy fish only when my beloved Blue Moon Fish is in town. That means my fish season is from late March to mid December. I think 9 months of bliss is not a bad deal. The rest of 4 months? I go back to other animal flesh, also purchased at the Greenmarket during winter time. Well, that's another entry.

Thank you, Blue Moon, you are my lifeline; I owe my high level of HDL to you!

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