Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hot Weather, Cold Noodles

Oh my, it's too hot to even stand in the kitchen!

Every morning I prepare all the food for the day. For breakfast I pack either cereal or oatmeal, for lunch I make a sandwich with whatever the protein I have in the fridge, and cook a supper. Well, in 100+ degrees temperature, no one wants to turn on the gas. And if you absolutely must use the stove, let's minimize it.

So I turn to this cold noodle dish "hiyashi-chuka", the dish that personifies Summer. It's basically a cold noodle salad. You cook the noodle and just add any toppings you like. Drizzle the tangy sesame oil dressing and voila! I like it because I can use just one pot to make the whole thing.

Yes, a true life saver when the heat is on.

Ku Cake

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