Thursday, December 6, 2007

Show and Tell! Part 2

My favorite cookies! They are all tried and true recipes that amused a lot of people in the past.

The one on the right is the Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies. If I am allowed only one cookie to bake for the rest of my life, I'd pick this one without a hesitation. The origin is the Toll House recipe, you know, the one you can find on the back of its package. But over the years I tweaked it little by little, and I am now quite satisfied with my version.

The middle one is called Mexican Wedding Cake. The ingredients are rather simple: flour, butter, sugar and chopped pecans. It's almost hard to believe these can create such a sensation! Maybe the secret is in chopping the pecans really hand. This buttery cookie truly melts in your mouth, with a whiff of cinnamon as an spicy accent.

The one on the left is a holiday special: Cranberry Gingerdrop Cookies. This one is a bit cake-y kind of cookie, and is quite refreshing. It features the fresh cranberries and crystalized ginger as main ingredients. When I open the oven door, I could smell the tartness of cranberry. When I bite, the ginger gives a subtle kick. Love this recipe.

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