Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sweet and Tangy

So I experimented on the small tarts. I wanted to be prepared for all the wonderful berries and fruit that will fill the Greenmarket throughout the summer. Well, first I baked with the pie dough recipe I was using for the larger size pie. Each individual tart is carefully blind baked, and then baked again with the fruit filling. The apple tarts came out nicely. But the fruit tarts were little too soggy; they crumbled when I tried to unmold. Oh that's not good... Although they tasted perfectly delicious 'crumbled', I had to find another recipe that holds better.

Then I remembered the baking class I took at the ICE (Institute of Culinary Education) years ago. Their pie dough recipe calls for an egg, and therefore more stable. This should withstand the juicy fruit filling. And the result? It was...success!

I really like this little treat. Now I'm already dreaming of strawberries, blueberries, sour cherries, peaches, nectarines, plums, oh, my! Bring it on!

Ku Cake

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