Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cool Summer

I am growing total of 9 tomato plants this summer; 6 on the ground and 3 in the pots. Normally I would be making tomato sandwiches every day by this time of year, they are slow to get big and still quite green.

The cooler weather gave us a longer season of asparagus and peas; which is not a bad thing by itself. I stockpiled them in the freezer, oh yeah. At the same time, I'm still waiting for the explosion of corns, peppers, and yes, tomatoes. Although I prefer the cooler weather - hey, we can sleep at night without the A/C! - it makes me think about the cause and effect of the climate. So this is another reason to love the Greenmarket. It is a barometer; it opens a little window that I can peek in to see what's going on the outside the big city made of steel, glass and concrete. I don't think I can notice these little seasonal quirks if I buy my veggies only from the store.

Well, we still have August. I think I will trade a few weeks of sleepless night with the joy of tangy & sweet juicy tomatoes.

Ku Cake

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