Friday, April 16, 2010

Mike & Son Sharpening Service

These knives are over 20 years old. It started as a very basic variety; a chef's knife, a boning knife, a carving knife and a paring knife. One by one, a Santoku knife, a bread knife, a cleaver and a small paring knife joined the line up that makes up the entire set today. Naturally, some of them are becoming dull, even though they went through professional sharpening numerous times. So, reluctantly I had to consider retiring these old ones.

A few weekends ago I noticed an old-fashioned truck parked across the street. As I am always curious about everything 'antique', I took a closer look of this vehicle. Turns out: it is a mobile knife sharpening service operating out of the truck that goes around all over Brooklyn. The truck is barely big enough for one person to move between work tables (equipped with several grinding machines and sanding tool). Its interior is lined with wooden panels that are covered with small tools, dusts and grease. The father operates the machines while the son deals with customers. I also counted three bull terriers keeping their company. Apparently they are the 5th generation in business since 1941.

I ran home, grabbed the knives and returned to the truck. "It'd be a few minutes wait" while they finish someone before me. Sure! I used to employ the sharpening service in the City that requires a week to complete. So I can definitely wait for "a few minutes", no problem! Mere 5 minutes and $12 later, my knives are all sharpened as good as new. The old man told me to be careful now that these are "very sharp". Well, the knives are more dangerous when they are NOT sharp!

I am very happy to report; Mike and his son saved my knives. And how would you find them? Call the number: 212-365-4903. I know I will.

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jwallace said...

The 8th Street Panhandler store right by work also sharpens knives for $5 each. And once or twice a year they have a promotion where they do it for free. I haven't done it yet, since it feels strange to carry a big knive in to work, but I really need it sharpened.