Sunday, June 27, 2010

Yard Update: June 2010

So...a month later, the yard looks much more lush in green. Thanks to cleome (pink & white flowers) and orange mint, the garbage can is now invisible beneath the thick green curtain. The hostas are about to flower (foreground). Lettuce plants in the green planter (mid-right) are providing enough young leaves for a sandwich everyday.

Some of the early tomato plants are getting bigger! Next to the tomato pot, sunflowers are totally loving this spot where strong sunshine is abundant.

Closer look at the cleome flowers: in between you can see the deep purple cluster of lavender flowers as well. Orange mint is really going strong - almost too strong - so I cut back quite often. Then I let the bruised leaves infuse the water, mix in some lime juice and bit of sugar. Very refreshing.

So far, so good. It's easier to control the weeds this year because the allotted area is significantly small. Yeah, that was a good plan.

Ku Cake

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