Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snowed In: 2010 Christmas Edition

Doesn't this picture look familiar? ....Oh wait...yeah, here it is...

Some of us wanted to have the White Christmas, and think we had our wishes, well almost, come true. The snow storm came roaring in NYC on Sunday, the 2nd Day of Christmas, and it did not stop until the next morning. As always, all the drifts from adjacent school parking lot ended up in our yard. It measured 80cm pileup.

We did not step outside since Christmas Eve - busy cooking and baking and playing with the new cat - but finally emerged to get to the grocery store and saw the street is snow-blocked. This photo is just taken this afternoon, around 2:30pm on 12/29. And when did it snow? 3 days ago? We kept hearing some parts of the City was neglected in terms of snow removal, but didn't think our street was one of them... The blockage spans almost 2 blocks. Sure we had some heavy snow storms in the past, but can't really remember the street was left untouched for 3 full days after it stopped!

Glad we didn't have to go anywhere. But for those who had to travel, please be careful!

Ku Cake

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