Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolution

A Happy New Year!

We have a new baking wish for 2011: to become a friend with Yeast. We would love to bake our own bread! Or make pizza from scratch! And there is a cinnamon buns recipe we'd like to try!

As for the rest, the last year's resolution still stands...

Ku Cake


charlene mcbride said...

i became a big fan of no knead bread last year. i use the pizza recipe also. this year i will play with starters.

Janet Benn said...


I read your last years' resolution, and i think it is a good one! Also, this baking resolution is nostalgic for me as I used to bake bread all the time. I don't have a good tolerance for wheat anymore, so I do use no- gluten recipes - some are good, some are not, but I remember when I was first cooking with natural foods, most things will not be good, but after practice, things got better.