Sunday, February 6, 2011

Seriously Chocolate

February seems to be the last chance for baking something so dark and deep. That only means chocolate, folks! I don't think it's a coincidence that someone decides chocolate is the official currency of Valentine's Day. Well even without it, I wanted to try something new, a little more complex, and definitely more decadent, chocolate dessert.

Gâteau au chocolat came to my mind.

Usually I resort to more simple recipe in which one ingredient is added to another until the batter goes into the oven: too lazy to separate the egg yolks and whites, not to mention whipping it! So until now, there was no angel cake or soufflé or anything requires a meringue. Well, it's time to conquer the fear of vigorous whisking.

I was afraid of facing a lengthy recipe, but it turns out rather simple: dark chocolate (using 70% cacao), heavy cream, butter, sugar, eggs, cake flour and cocoa powder. We don't need any exotic ingredient. The resulting cake is surprisingly airy in texture. But that is rather deceiving; the piece I took (and it wasn't that big!) was so rich, it is almost qualifies for a small meal.

Ku Cake

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