Friday, February 4, 2011

Setsubun - 節分

Well, I still don't know exactly how this prediction business works - it only means that particular morning is either sunny or cloudy, doesn't it? - but I simply take the Groundhog Day as another step toward the spring approaching. The day also reminds me to buy some dried soy beans.

The day of Setsu-bun usually falls around this time. This year it was yesterday, the 3rd day of February. I opened the front door, grabbed some beans and threw them outside: "Oni-wa-soto!" Grabbed more beans and this time, threw them inside over my shoulder: "Fuku-wa-uchi!" There are a few rituals I am meaning to keep doing it, no matter where I am, and this is one of them.

Inside, Jumpy is delighted to dig up and play with the beans all over the floor. Outside, hungry birds flatter to peck on the beans scattered around the icy pathway and snow covered yard. Another sure sign that says: "Just hold on, the spring is coming!" (Apparently, in less than 6 weeks!)

Ku Cake

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Foodesignerfreak said...

My favorite self-concocted celebration of the Japanese & Chinese culture call The AHSO Party is a combination of the Japanese Setsubun (A Division of Seasons & Eve of Spring) & the Chinese New Year. Oni wa soto, fufu wa uchi!!! (Out with the demons, in with the good luck) with massive throwing of dried soybeans is what I make my startled guests do when they come in the door. Everyone has to be decked out with some kind of oriental garb. It's a wild Japanese sit-down party with Harajuku girls entertainment and gratuitous eating and drinking of sake. You have inspired me to blog this party. Thank you so much. I love your blog. I will stay posted.