Thursday, November 22, 2007

After the frenzy

I am just about finishing off my own apple pie. It took 7 days - nibbling one piece everyday, except for the first day I ate 2 pieces - very satisfied.

I ended up baking 9 pies and 10 dozen tartlets. My oven was on duty most of the time from Saturday to early Wednesday morning. And that's just for baking: shopping and prepping started way before, and delivering stretched until late Wednesday afternoon. For those who are trying my pies, thank you: I hope you will enjoy them. I certainly enjoyed every step of it: rolling out the dough, cutting up apples, thrill of the final minutes of baking time... All worth the care when the happily baked pies and tarts come out of the oven, bubbling and steaming.

Today is a day-off. Tomorrow, I'll be contemplating what can be added in December.

Have a happy Thanksgiving Day!

Ku Cake

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