Thursday, June 17, 2010

Faux Gras

Ok, ok, I have to admit it's not the greatest pun... Well, the point is: I love monkfish livers! I consider them as "foie gras" of the sea.

In Japanese restaurants you may encounter them as "ankimo", often steamed and with grated daikon radish and dipping sauce. But my favorite way of cooking this rich, sweet liver is to quickly pan fry it (dredged in thin layer of flour) and marinate a la escabeche, in hot & sweet soy sauce vinaigrette - nanban style.

Its flavor is thick, almost sea urchin like briny sweet mousse, so a few pieces goes a long way. Not metallic or bitter at all; the characteristic sometimes associated with the liver from other species. This dish came together as I sometimes get the illogical craving for spaghetti. So I simply combined the said marinated monkfish liver and broiled squids. For the green, because you need some greens in your lunch, I sauteed broccoli rabe with garlic and hot pepper flake. A pickled ramp bulb completes the ensemble.

Ku Cake

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Janet Benn said...

looks goood! Hey what is YOUR birthday? February.....