Sunday, June 6, 2010

Kitten Dilemma

Look at this cute kitten! Just look at it!

Well, we spotted it (not sure if it's a boy or a girl) in the backyard with its nursing mother on Friday morning. Then it got us terribly worried: The mother disappears hours at a time, leaving the baby by itself. The internet tells me the baby should be fed every few hours at this stage (we're guessing, about 3 weeks old). What should we do? Intervene? Leave it alone as the nature takes its course?

There are numerous cats roaming our neighborhood. Some are house cats allowed to spend time outdoors. Others are feral, fending off on their own. This kitten's mother is clearly the latter. That means this little one will follow her pawsteps and grows to become another feral cat, procreating the offspring at will. But if it's given the proper food, shots, necessary surgery and home, we think it may live a long and considerably happy life. Or is it just our arrogance to think that...?

Well, right now we're leaving it alone. It's probably better to have the mother nurse it until it can eat the solid food and learn about the certain facts of life. But the situation is closely monitored. And we're ready to step in when necessary.

Our weekend was totally ruined! Total distraction! Oh well...(but we didn't mind.)

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