Friday, June 18, 2010

Rooftop Farm!

A few Sundays ago I participated in the free composting seminar held at the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm. I heard about this place a while ago, and ever since I have been very curious. So it was a great reason to finally check out this operation.

I used to get invited to watch the rooftop viewing of glorious July 4th Fireworks up close when this building was an AIR. Now it is a converted shooting studio and full-fledged, albeit small scale, farm overlooking the East River on top. Somehow it feels fitting; to see the rows of growing vegetables against the Manhattan skyline evokes comfort and strange satisfaction.

Yes, chickens live there, too!

Plenty of practical information was given at this seminar. Now I'm ready to fill my compost bin in the yard! Sounds like I can put almost anything from the kitchen and the yard: fruits & vegetable scraps, egg shells, coffee grounds & filters (great!!!), seaweed (wha...???), and food-soiled paper towels & napkins (good news because these cannot be put out to recycling in NYC), dead leaves, pine needles, etc. Technically grains, cereals, breads are OK to compost too, but probably wise not to because these foods attract unwanted attention from certain small creatures. Well then I can feed them to the sparrows, blue jays and cardinals instead.

Now, let the compost begin!

Ku Cake

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